SuomiCom offers a Campus Area Networks for universities and for educational institutions.

Connection Speed Upgrade


8€ / month

Connection Speed Upgrade


15€ / month

Connection Speed Upgrade


20€ / month

The upgrade options are only available to wired connections, they do not apply to Wi-Fi.

SuomiCom Campus Area Network in Vuolukiventie 1, Helsinki

All apartments are connected to the internet. The basic service speed is 10/10 Mbps, and it is included in your apartment rent. You just need an Ethernet cable (Cat-5 cable with RJ-45) to connect your laptop to the wall socket in your apartment. There is also a wireless connection available at approximately 10/10 Mbps.

If you have any problems with the internet connection, please contact our HelpDesk directly by email or phone.

Sales and Customer Service

+358 9 4342 1700
(on weekdays 9-17)

HelpDesk and Network Problems

+358 44 700 8000
(on weekdays 8-18, network problems via SMS 24/7)

Info about network maintenance breaks, faulty reports and repair schedules also at Twitter

SALES (09) 4342 1700

If you need to upgrade your connection, please contact us by email or complete the form provided from the order now button.